Ruth Baird - jeweller


Necklaces, pendants, brooches, and earrings based on the NZ Christmas tree



Necklaces, pendants, brooches, and earrings based on this most popular
of New Zealand leaf shapes.

The coloured metal is titanium or niobium, riveted onto a sterling silver backing.
Titanium is available in three colours: deep blue, paler blue-gold, and pinky-gold.
Niobium colours available are gold, turquoise and green.

Necklaces often use a silver crochet band around the back.



Pendants: 45mm wide x 55mm long (1¾" - 2¼").
Earrings: 25mm (1"), and the earwires are sterling silver.
Pohutukawa leaves in titanium on a silver backing are all available as brooches.
necklaces between $NZ650-750,
pendants $NZ155 (black cord), $NZ185 (with silver chain),
brooches $NZ195-205,
earrings $NZ190-195.

Pendants are hung on black braided
polyester cord, and they come in
two shapes: a long shape or a shorter,
wider shape with a 'bite'
out of the edge (see above, right).
Showing titanium colours deep blue, and pinky-gold.

Earrings in niobium and sterling silver.
Showing niobium colours green and gold