Ruth Baird - jeweller


Necklaces, pendants, brooches, and earrings based on the NZ red beech leaf

Necklace with five beech leaves and fine silver crochet.

Whie walking on the lower reaches of the Milford Track I fell in love with the colours of the Clinton river, fast-running clear water in shades of this green.
Necklaces, pendants, brooches, and earrings are based on the native
New Zealand tree, which grows in the south of the South Island.
This evergreen tree sheds a few leaves from time to time, and when
I'm tramping I can be walking over paths carpeted in these leaves.

The coloured metal is niobium, which is shaped,
coloured, textured and riveted onto a sterling silver backing.

Necklaces use beech leaf shapes and are combined with pebbles which
I gather on a beach in the very south of the South Island. Around
the back is a pure silver crochet band.
Pendants are hung on 30 inch sterling silver chain.
Earring earwires are sterling silver.

Dimensions of the beech leaf shapes:
Pendants: 35mm long x 23mm wide.
Earrings: 30mm long x 20mm wide.

Necklaces between $NZ700, pendants $NZ195, earrings $NZ210.